Enter the Coffee Ninja Clan

BushThe Coffee Ninja Clan has a very long and storied history.  Shrouded in mystery, the Coffee Ninja operates only in the shadows.  Never to be seen.  Their sole purpose is providing relief to the coffee deficient.  Students cramming for tests until the wee hours of the morning. HWY Truck drivers meandering through the desert in the dead of night.  The income strapped elderly who can only afford dreadful coffee from questionable restaurants.  Righting coffee wrongs all over the world.  This is the story of a very…unusual Coffee Ninja.  He is the least accomplished of his brethren, Deskoften struggles with his lessons and spaces out from time to time.  Unknown to him, our Ninja holds the key to the Coffee Ninja Clan’s survival.  He is the last hope of defeating an all-powerful enemy, the mighty energy drink syndicate known as ZAP!

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