Master FaceMaster Kona:  His feats of coffee servitude are legendary.  His wealth of knowledge is unsurpassed.  Master Kona’s physical skills are no longer what they use to be.  Removed from the field, Master Kona is now responsible for training the next generation of ninjas.  Master Kona exhibits a perfect balance between his wicked sense of humor and stern teaching style.  His raucous laugh routinely echoes throughout the Fair Trade Temple.

Coffee Ninja FaceCoffee Ninja:  Coffee Ninja has spent his entire life at the Fair Trade Temple.  As a new-born, he was found on the steps of the temple.  No note – parents unknown.  Despite all of that gloom and doom, Coffee Ninja is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.  He tries really hard to be the best ninja he can be.  Little things prevent him from doing so.  His short-attention span, penchant for cracking jokes and lack of physical prowess are just a few examples.  When he’s not training, Coffee Ninja enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games and watching 80’s movies.

SpecsSpecs:  Coffee Ninja’s main man.  His chum.  His amigo.  The Robin to his Batman.  You get the picture.  Specs has a photographic memory which makes him pretty darn smart.  He spends his days studying for his dream job, providing intelligence to the ninjas in the field.  Specs has the aptitude and the will to succeed in his chosen profession.  Now, if only Coffee Ninja could get Specs to loosen up a little.

Dax copyDax Awesome:  Dax attends the Fair Trade Temple on a kickboxing scholarship.  He’s the temple’s resident heart-throb.  But don’t let those dreamy eyes fool you.  Dax is smart.  Real smart.  He falls just a little short of Specs in the brains department.  Dax is the complete package and the alpha male of the group.

Kaida copyKaida: The beautiful Kaida is a bit of a mystery.  She walks the halls with Dax but nobody really knows what their relationship is.  Her aloofness has definitely caught Coffee Ninja’s attention.

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