Just a Post

Sorry people, no comic today. Not even 15 minute comic. I have finally gotten all the systems I need on my PC chugging along but it was late and I need sleep. On the plus side I will continue on with our new storyline idea this Tuesday. I toyed around with the idea of getting something up later tonight but it would be late. Instead I will stick closer to our schedule and get a regular comic up this Tuesday.

I will give you all a small taste of what is to come. Below is a preview of what we are working on. The plan is to keep moving with color. It just seems to be the best look for now.


Thanks for reading and sorry for the delays,

Tom Dorsey

Issues Continued

Master FaceHey folks, Thanks for the patients with my continuing PC Issues. As it stands now I should be up and running on my old PC later this week. Most of my work is done there and it needs to get back up before I can continue the story. Sadly we only just started and we have about four great new pieces but I need to get my gear up again.

On the plus side I still have hands, a pencil and a camera. What does all of this mean for you? Well, you still get some sort of archaic form of webcomic action. Today is one of those moments. I upped it a little and spent about 10 minutes on this bad boy. I was inspired by some work office politics.

Thanks for reading,

Tom Dorsey