No Comic… Not Really.

SpecsSorry folks, we have been moving so smoothly and now there is not a comic today. Unfortunately I have a critical computer issue that I have to take care of. The short story is that my PC is super old and I have not updated due to not having the money for it. My current PC is now giving me a blue screen nearly every time I turn it on. This is no good as we do all of our finish work on the computer.

I hope to have this resolved soon and I am going to try to put up a strip on Tuesday next week. It may be a little rough but I hope it will still entertain. We also have prepared a lot of our storyline to really get a good story arc going. It was supposed to start today but as I said I need to resolve these computer issues now.

Thanks for reading

Don’t be a Glum Bum!


Today is rather gloomy where I live.  It is also Halloween which to some can be a gloomy holiday. Personally, I rarely let any of this sort of mojo get me down.  Instead, I get to thinking about amusing things and try to make others laugh.  Anything from a silly joke to some slap-stick humor.  I have a son that is exactly the same way.  Although he is only three and can sometimes throw a tantrum with the best of them, he still likes to make people laugh.

It is my belief the the world needs a lot more of this.  People of all ages just need to find reasons  to be silly and chuckle.  I know that for some this can be a real challenge.  Reasons can range from being a glum bum to just having a severely challenging life.  Regardless, it is worth while to smile and sometime that takes a little effort.

One thing I hope to accomplish with our comic is to help others find that daily laugh.  We may be subtle at times but we try to remain light and goofy here.  In light of that thought, I would like to offer a challenge to WordPress.  Try to lighten up a little and feature something funny each day. This has improved since I started to blog but it still seems to get overlooked more than it should. Features could range from written posts & observational humor to comics & comedy podcasts.  All of theses things are happening on WordPress and there is some great talent out there.  It is time to shed a light on them and help the world laugh a little each day.

Happy Halloween everyone, now go get your candy swag!

Tom Dorsey