The Creators

IMAG0865-1-1-1Adam Duncan: Desk jockey by day, writer by night.  The older I get, the more my comic book fanaticism grows.  My writing is inspired by the goofiness of everyday life…and coffee…and ninjas.  I’m a jolly tall guy who likes telling tales, cracking jokes and creating things.  Now is your time to relax, grab some java and enjoy the world of The Coffee Ninja!

IMAG0964-1-1Tom Dorsey: A husband, father of three and a “career” man who lives for family and internet fame. It has come to my attention that I can often struggle with the spoken word so I rely on writing and turning ideas into pictures to get my point across. I love to make people laugh and I do my best to accomplish that with my art. Coffee Ninja is my latest outlet to express my creative side and pass my humor on to others.

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