Turkeys Beware!

Coffee Ninja FaceAnother holiday is coming and those of us in the USA are getting ready to add another notch in our belts. That’s right I am talking about Thanksgiving! Soon we will be stuffing our mouths with turkey, cranberry sauce and, well, stuffing. Of course there will be more memories with family and friends to go along with tasty foods. Personally I love all of these sorts of activities. Not only the food but the card/board games, playing with kids and falling asleep on various pieces of furniture.

Here at Coffee Ninja Comics and Animockery Studios we are all about family and friends. That said I would like to introduce our second holiday coloring page! Just in time for thanksgiving too. Feel free to check it out, and we would love to see any colored pages.If you want to show of your mad coloring skills send it our way through any of the various methods below;

Thanksgiving Coloring Page: Turkey Day

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey

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